About the Rhythm Allstars

First of all, and it HAS to be said, we love playing really funky, git-up-outta-yo-seat-and-DANCE music. One of our special joys is rockin' your world with our energetic bluesy rockin’ tunes. Really, to us, music is a pursuit of “that magical night where our love of music totally aligns with a groovin’ crowd that is ready to absolutely cut loose on the dance floor.” 

The Rhythm Allstars are:

Russ Musilek

Guitarist, song writer, and band leader extraordinaire.

Kim Burch

Killer vocals, harp monster, Van Morrison channeler, and life story counselor.

Don Finan

Consistent absorber and deliverer of mad new guitar skills.

Shannon Spencer

Our lovely and talented foundation of rhythm…she’s the best drummer anyone could hope for.

Brian Donnell

Keepin’ the bottom end thump that makes ya wanna bump on bass guitar and non-stop smiles.

If you want to talk to us, book us, find out more about us, or anything else, here’s how you can contact us.

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